Friday, October 30, 2015

The Secret Behind Wisdom

Juggling personal life and managing a prosperous medical equipment sales firm, Lloyd Okafor wishes he could be more successful. With sales continuously increasing by the quarter, it appears he has it all_ yet he still seems to have an unsolved emptiness for more.

Hoping for an amazing father and son road trip, Lloyd visits his parents, and is both amused and enlightened as they tackle the much sought wisdom during some quality family time.

As the conversation evolves, Lloyd begins to realize he is accessing an immeasurable wealth of knowledge. While grasping every word, he realizes that his emptiness can be filled by putting his future in God's hands.


Friday, November 16, 2012

FORBIDDEN by Blaise Tshibwabwa


A few decades ago, womanizing was uncommon until it became too common that manizing also became a new trend. Single men say they know how to treat women like precious jewels best…unfortunately competition is not only among single men but married men who think that sins do not backfire.

Women call it equality and freedom but few are those who realize that Jezebel’s end was no delight to her soul. Another woman’s man becomes the prey of many…single, engaged and married alike…

Sexuality is often considered taboo and spoken of behind closed doors; However...Forbidden...

Monday, December 27, 2010


Kajomona is Blaise Tshibwabwa's ultimate landmark novel on challenges we face in everuday life as we strive to achieve our full potential and achieve guaranteed success in life and work. The formula to a Divine Destiny! Kajomona is the reminder of the answer you knew. This nocel will not teach you how-to conquer many common fears, such as Poverty, Ill Health, Criticism, Loss of Love and Death. But will remind you of what you need you need to do. What you had done in past in order to achieve victory!  Kajomona", is a key reading novel . In this novrl, you will not be given the usual script of how one made a million dollars in 1 year, how she found a lost love…but you will be shown and reminded of the practical way one became wealthy and passed on their wealth to their generation.

 What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life...!
Kajomona, is not the novel you will read once and file it in your library! 
Kajomona is the reminder of the answer you knew…

 Copies are going...